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Fire & Burn Injury Cases

Representing Burn Survivors Nationwide

We represent persons throughout the United States who have suffered severe burn injuries.  We have handled numerous burn related cases over the last fifteen years and have developed an expertise in this area.  These cases have involved propane, natural gas explosions, products causing automotive and/or home fires, as well as electrical, scald, and chemical related burns.  Matt Cunningham is a member of the American Burn Association.  He is recognized by professionals in the burn community as a true advocate.

Proven Success – Burn Injury Lawyers

In 2008, Matt Cunningham as lead counsel and the Cunningham Law Firm obtained one of the largest burn related verdicts in Arizona state history, Mutuvi-Kavu v. Electrolux Home Products, Inc. On March 20, 2008, an Arizona Pinal County jury rendered a unanimous verdict awarding Plaintiffs, two brothers ages 12 and 3, and their parents $43,112,000.  As can be seen from the sample cases, we are experienced at handling all types of burn related cases.  This includes thermal, chemical, scald, and electrical burn injuries.

Best Experts In The United States

The Cunningham Law Firm has assembled some of the best experts in the United States involved in fire, explosion, and burn related cases.  We do not spare any expense during the preparation of the case.  We believe that we are the most accomplished and successful attorneys in the United States with respect to burn related cases.  Our record of success is proof of this.

Time Is Of The Essence

With burn related cases, it is critical that relevant evidence is collected before it is disposed and/or discarded.  Sadly we have had potential cases in the past where individuals have contacted us and the product or item responsible for the burn injury has been discarded.  It is important that immediately following a fire, explosion or burn related incident for a proper investigation to be conducted.  Once our office is contacted we will have one of our experts examine the scene and ensure that the relevant evidence is preserved and maintained.  After the investigation is conducted we will let you know whether we believe a viable case exists.  This determination cannot be made until a proper investigation is conducted.  If an investigator who is representing your interest is not at the scene, you run the risk of important evidence being discarded or lost.

Quality of Life

A severe burn injury is one of the worst injuries an individual can suffer.  The medical expenses associated with a burn injury are often substantial.  A burn injury is life- long.  Typically the burn survivor will require ongoing surgeries for both cosmetic and functional purposes.  The future care costs required for a burn injury can be several million dollars.  If the burn injury has been caused as a result of someone else’s negligence or fault it is important that they be held accountable and required to pay for all your necessary care.  There is a major difference where a burn survivor has obtained compensation from the responsible party as opposed to having their future care paid either through their own insurance or a public health care system.  Oftentimes the insurance or public health care carrier will only pay for those procedures deemed medically necessary.  In other words, procedures which may be cosmetic are excluded from coverage.  In addition there may be a cap on your insurance policy which can be quickly exhausted.  In cases where an individual has been severely burned we often employ a life care planner, case manager, and financial advisor to ensure that whatever money is needed for your future care is available.

Always At your Side

A severe burn injury is devastating physically, emotionally, and oftentimes financially.  We are in direct contact with organizations who can assist you with your immediate needs.  Oftentimes a family has been displaced and their personal property destroyed as a result of a fire or explosion.  In addition they are dealing with the grief and anxiety of having a loved one clinging to life in the burn unit.  We have seen first-hand the suffering brought upon families with these sort of injuries to their loved ones and the destruction of their property.  Not only will we bring forth whatever resource is necessary to properly prepare your case but we will also connect you with organizations who are there to help as well.  Needless to say we are with you every step of the way; even after your case is resolved.

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The personal injury lawyers at Cunningham Law are experienced burn injury and gas explosion attorneys and have represented burn injury and gas explosion survivors across the United States. We can represent burn injury and gas explosion survivors in all cities across the country, including but not limited to burn injuries in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Dallas, Detroit, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Austin, Columbus, Charlotte, Memphis, Boston, Baltimore, Seattle, Denver, Nashville, Milwaukee, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Louisville, and Portland.